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Land on Vängsö airfield

You are welcome to land at Vängsö airfield most days and times. Feel free to stop by for a coffee and, of course, chat a bit about flying! 

Good to know: During the months of October to May, the condition of the airfield can vary greatly with the weather, so you'll need to be aware of the field's condition before visiting.

For PPR, see info in 'Svenska flygfält' bellow

Visit us by aircraft


Frequency: 123.375 MHz

Traffic pattern altitude is 1000 feet and it is flown in a left pattern. During a big part of the year we have daily glider activity at the field, therefor there is usually a lot of traffic in the area.

On the airfield you can refuel 91/96 UL

Visit us by car

The fastest route by car from Stockholm is via the highway E4 southbound. Take the exit at Järna and continue to Gnesta. At Vängsö we have plenty of parking space, you are more then welcome to stop by and visit our aeroclub and beautiful airfield.   

Live camera


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