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About us

Östra Sörmlands Flygklubb, which dates back to 1938, has had model, glider and motor aircrafts in the same association since the very beginning. To be very precise, the model pilots started as early as 1935. Today we are one of the country's largest aviation clubs with perhaps the most diversified aircraft fleet. Here you have the opportunity to fly gliders, motor and seaplanes all at the same airport and in the same club.

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Our aircraft fleet

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Our Premises

At our airfield, we have several properties. There are a total of five hangar buildings at the field. To facilitate our maintenance of our aircraft, we have a workshop and heated hanger. In our clubhouse you will find a lounge, kitchen and accommodation for visiting pilots and members. The premises are mantained by the club's volunteering members and to facilitate maintenance, the club has a carpenter's workshop as well as mechanical equipment.


The airfield

Vängsö Airfield consists of 2 runways, the main runway 15/33 with a length of ca. 700m and runway 03/21 of ca. 650m and a glider landing strip right of runway 33. Runway 15/33 is lighted which enables night flying. At the northeastern part of the field you find a seaplane station with associated jetties and tank facilities.

Social responsibility

Our members are aware of their social responsibility: many are involved in voluntary services such as: B. Homeland Security (Frivilliga Flygkåren) and forest fire monitoring. As a contribution to society, the club has been given the fire service for Södermanland almost every year. Many club members give up their free time for this, and in return they get satisfying flying experiences when lives and property can be protected from harm. During patrols we have direct radio contact with the emergency vehicles, and in confusing terrain we can provide invaluable help from the air in piloting to the scene of the fire and assessing the fire situation. We have often been able to prevent damage from increasing by detecting it early. Our aircraft on floats has also proven itself in counting special waterfowl. ​


Our social contribution helps to gain acceptance in the neighborhood. Even though we operate a modern aircraft fleet with engines that are as quiet and fuel-efficient as possible and stop noise-generating operations completely on special holidays in consultation with the municipality, we still use fossil fuels. We responsibly combine our passion for aviation with environmental protection and social services. We are proud to continue to make our contribution to society in this way; our club operations should make a positive difference. We look forward to continuing to contribute to the safety and well-being of the Swedish population.

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