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You and your instructor will be towed up by a towing aircraft. When you are at altitude, you disconnect from the towing aircraft and you glide with a slight hiss through the air over Gnesta. Up in the air, you will have the chance to steer the aircraft yourself. The aircraft is equipped with a double command so the instructor in the back seat has the same controls as you during the flight. This way, it is easy to instruct how to maneuver the aircraft. When you land after the flight, a diploma awaits.   

Motor flying

You start from one of the grass runways at Vängsö, climb up to 2000 feet and then it is your turn to try to maneuver the aircraft yourself. You and your instructor sit next to each other and he / she will instruct you through the various maneuvers that you may try. You fly near Vängsö and you get to enjoy the feeling of having flown an airplane for the first time.


Theory review

Before the flight, you will have a theoretical briefing on the ground around the aircraft. We will tell you about aviation and about the plane we are going to fly. We will show all its instruments and you will learn how to read them, how to manipulate the controls and how to control the aircraft. If you have family or friends with you, they can also take part in the ground briefing. If you have any questions or concerns, we will of course answer them.

Gift cards are only sold for glider test lessons. Your gift card is valid for 2 years and the season is between May and September. If, after your flight, you decide to take a certificate, you can of course credit your test flight to the training.

Price for gift certificate for gliding test lesson: SEK 1.800

Price for motor flight test lesson depends on the aircraft, send in a registration and we will get back with more info.

To book the glider flight:
Send a email to  with your name, height and weight, we will contact you to book a date that fits. We fly every weekend between May and September when the weather allows.

Gliding is a sport that is practiced when weather and technology allow. Should your flight be canceled, we will rebook the lesson. You do not risk losing your gift card as long as you have contacted us before the gift card has expired.

Things to keep in mind for those who give away a gift card flight:
The flight must not come as a surprise to the person who is to carry out the flight. The person needs to be sober, prepared and in good shape to complete the flight.

Things to think about for those of you who are going to fly:
Come well rested and in good shape, so you will enjoy your flight more. Drink plenty of water,
 bring sunglasses and have a sun protection factor and a cap. The possibility of changing to warmer clothes is recommended for cooler days when the temperature drops drastically in height. If you have problems with motion sickness or nausea, the pharmacy offers over-the-counter medicines.


Join us for a test flight

Try something new

Are you curious about what it feels like to fly or interested in getting a pilot's license? Then a test flight is a fantastic opportunity. We offer trial lessons in both gliders and motor planes. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for more information to book your test flight.

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