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The road to flight certificates

Fun that you want to start flying! There are many different types of flying you can engage in and in our flying club there are under the same roof gliding, motor and sea flying. Below is information about the path to the different certificates.

Glider certificate

Gliding is a sport for everyone, young and old. For some, gliding means a moment of relaxation in the air in total freedom and silence. For others, it is a performance sport where full concentration is required for several hours to fly around a track as quickly as possible. For others, the height of happiness is to fly advanced, ie do looping, rolling, swinging, etc.


Motor Flight Certificate and Seaplane

Maybe long trips or sea flying attracts you? Then a motor flight certificate might be for you. 

Test flight

Take the first step

Whether you are considering taking a pilot's license or not, a test lesson is something everyone should do. Contact us today with any questions or for more information.

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